Top 5 Ways To Make Your Home More Cozy

Nothing says spiritual calm like a home that is full of warmth. Cozy surroundings help people feel at peace. If you want to feel more relaxed and better in tune with your spirituality, start at home. A cozy home is one that helps you unwind, concentrate better and feel centered and mindful.

Add Carpeting

Thick, warm carpeting is one way to help add texture to your home. Carpeting can be placed in one or two rooms to help create special spaces devoted to being cozy and peaceful. Think about activities that help you let go of your cares. Carpeting in a single room where you practice yoga poses, for example, is an ideal way to encourage a daily time out.

Pick Out Comfortable Furniture

Another way to help create the cozy in your home is with furniture that invites you to sit down and stretch out. Choose a sectional sofa that let you put your feet up and have room for everyone in your family. A large sofa can help create a conversation nook in your home. Look for easy care fabrics that wipe clean quickly so you don’t have to worry about spills. Down pillows on the back add extra softness. Upstairs, go for the canopy bed for a place to dream and engage with your spiritual side each night. Drape it in gauzy fabric during the summer for a cozy retreat even when it’s warm outside. Pile on the velvet or jersey when the weather turns colder. Place a string of fairy lights around the sides of the bed for a place that’s full of inviting lighting.

Install a Cozy Electric Fireplace

As the weather turns colder, few things say cozier than a roaring fireplace. A nice electric fireplace can bring a safe and beautiful hearth to your home even there isn’t one right now. The fireplace can serve as the focal point in a room that may otherwise feel bland. Gather around the fireplace with friends and family on a crisp fall day for a party and a chance to renew connections. Invite your guests to roast marshmallows and pop corn.

Bring the Outdoors Inside With Plants

Any room feels more relaxing when it has a tie with the outdoors. Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still bring the natural world inside. Many wonderful house plants do equally well in your home. Aloe plants, for example, not only do well inside any room, they also offer soothing aloe gel that feels good on your skin and can help heal minor cuts and bruises. Use them in rooms that get lots of light. Other easy plants that don’t need much care to flourish inside include spider plants, English ivy and rubber trees.

Use Cozy Colors

Sight is an integral part of any cozy feel. Subtle colors like faint grey and shades of brown help any room feel less intimidating. Splashes of bright red are ideal in a room that you want to use as a get away during the cold winter months. Think about the change of seasons. Go for pumpkin curtains in the fall for autumn warmth. Add a bright yellow throw to your sofa as the days start to get hotter.