Make Your Yard More Inviting & Relaxing With These 5 Tips

Transforming your yard into an inviting, relaxing space can take some work, especially if your yard is in less than ideal condition. However, we’ve tracked down 5 tips that can help you turn your yard into a relaxing haven with relative ease!

1 – Landscaping is key.

This should honestly be your first step. If your backyard is boring, dead, or has a great view of your neighbors, it’s time to step up your game. Add hedges or privacy or custom DIY fencing to break up the view of the rest of the neighborhood. Add pops of color with flowering bushes and vines, and add shade trees.

You can easily get a consultation with a landscaping firm to see not only what’s popular, but what you can do safely. You can also scan your neighborhood to see what looks nice with the local aesthetics or play around on sites like Pinterest to get ideas and inspiration.

Good landscaping will be the foundation of your new relaxation haven, so be sure to spend time choosing wisely.

2 – Add a splash of water.

Though this can be on the costly side and even smaller installations can be frustrating to hook up, adding some water to your backyard is a great way to relax. You can go for a full-blown pool, a hot tub, or just fountains, koi ponds, and bird baths. Water has long since been known to help us relax, even if all we do is hear or look at it. And if you’re a nature-lover, the wildlife things like bird baths can tempt into your yard can help you relax even more.

3 – Stonework is your best friend.

It can be easy to add concrete everywhere in your backyard, especially if you want a patio to bar-b-que on or a little area to sit. However, not only can it ruin the tranquil feel of your backyard, it can be incredibly pricey and hard to set yourself.

So what can you do to have those areas without concrete? Simple – stonework. You can create walkways, patios, retaining walls, and so much more using stonework. Just make sure to keep it clean, an electric pressure washer can come in handy. Stonework is beautiful, looks more natural than concrete, and it can cost you a lot less. It’s also easier to do yourself.

4 – Keep things shady.

Even if you live in your ideal area, there are going to be days you need shade. Planting quick growing shrubs that can reach taller heights, paying for fully grown shade trees, or adding umbrellas and awnings can all be great ways to add some shade to your yard. Be sure that you’re adding shade to the areas you’ll be using most, and if it’s safe, you can even add some shade near your home to help with heating and cooling costs!

5 – Sit back on something comfortable.

Now that you’ve made your backyard your at-home relaxation getaway, it’s time to sit back and relax on something comfortable. Choosing outdoor seating that’s comfortable and suits the relaxing aesthetic is the perfect way to polish off the look while adding another layer of awesome. Whether you prefer a hammock, a table and chair set, outdoor storage benches, or stone or wood slabs, there are unlimited ways to get comfortable seating around your backyard.

So now that you know how to whip your backyard into shape, what’s stopping you? Check out DIY sites for amazing ideas and tips on how to get all of this (and more) done quickly and cheaply, or call up your local contractors and hit up your favorite outdoor living suppliers and get it done.