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About the Author

Karen Davis is a stay at home mother of three. She enjoys yoga, meditation, gardening, and music. Since her passions run deep, she decided to create this blog to share her experiences with the world, and hopefully to help others who want to bring these peaceful passions into their own world.

About the Blog

Life can be full of stress. One of the best ways to help let go of stress is to engage in activities that can help improve your spiritual happiness. Improving your spiritual happiness can have many benefits. Many people who are able to set aside time for mindful activities each day find that doing so helps solidify their inner peace.


Meditation is the process of focusing on your breath. Meditation can help people by allowing them to get in touch with their basic inner humanity. As people meditate, they start to become more aware of their innate feelings and bodily functions. Doing so can help them realize what is truly important in their lives and what is not.



The right diet is another way to help achieve better spiritual health. When people choose to eat food that is good for them you may find yourself more likely to keep in mind every single bite you eat, and to remember how the food was created. This helps you become more attuned to the earth’s bounty and the joy of living on planet Earth. Being at peace with the food you eat can help clear the mind and allow people to focus on their inner spirituality.

Sleeping Habits

Getting enough sleep helps people feel better. It enables people to concentrate on everything they do each day. When people get enough sleep, they are more alert and more tuned into their spiritual health. They are also less likely to eat mindlessly. Good sleeping habits such as getting to bed at the same time are vital. Keep any bedroom as free from light and noise as possible.